How to use correct allergen management to increase your profits

Efficient allergen labelling increases sales by creating more options for diners, showing care for their unique needs and, through the right set-up, can simplify the process of placing orders.

  In a Reveal My Food survey, restaurants expressed their concerns about allergen labelling. 51% of food outlets complained about the time needed to introduce and update labelling for prepackaged food.  Ensuring correct labelling troubled 44% of restaurants, and the cost of these changes concerned 27%.    Yet allergen management is a legal requirement that covers both pre-packed for direct sales and loose food. Specifically, since 2011, any restaurant is required by 1169/2011 legislation to provide accurate allergens metrics and information regarding every dish served. And from October 2021, full labelling is required for Pre-Packaged for Direct Sale foods (PPDS) as part of Natasha’s Law. Considering ingredients change weekly, keeping information updated requires a lot of manual work and it is not free from Human error. But is manual input the most efficient option to keep allergens records updated and accurate? right technology can make compliance easier and communication safer. Once all your ingredients and recipes are analysed and consolidated. We connected them with your Webmenu. The only input required from you is to keep sharing your whole seller purchases! While information will be always updated for you and your clients safety! To make service faster and make your catering more inclusive the a QR codes will be added to your physical menu, listing the allergens and ingredients in a dish.  If your menu looks like this and your allergens management looks like this it is time to book a free consultation with our expert. Reveal My Food has been proven to make allergen information more easily and readily available to diners, reducing a restaurant’s operation times from 2 hours to 45 minutes.  In just 30 minutes, Reveal My Food can import your recipes and set you up with your new webmenu and QR code.  To get started, talk to us today   

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