Online randomised control trial to evaluate the impact of Behavioural nudges in food decision

Why are we doing this study?

The research, based on baseline quality of diet and present risk factors, aims to measure improvement in overall basket quality due to Reveal My Food nudges and consequently evaluate the derived health risks reduction

How it works

  1. Create your Reveal My Food profile and answer some questions about you and your usual dietary intake.
  2. Submit your latest blood work at 
  3. You can then use Reveal My Food on your computer or smartphone (if you have one).
  4. The website will then put you in a group by chance (the same as flipping a coin).


You will be assigned to:

  • the group using Reveal My Food with the dietary optimisation process. 


  • the group that will be using Reveal My Food with no dietary optimisation process. 

(regardless of the group you are allocated by taking part in the study you agree to purchase any meal from the workplace canteen through the Reveal My Food food ordering app)

For all groups:

  1. The trial takes approximately 45 min and we ask you to be in a quiet place where you can complete the required tasks
  2. At the end of the study, you will be required to complete a brief questionnaire regarding how helpful has been your experience with Reveal My Food technology and what could be implemented to support you further in optimising your diet.

In summary

If you do decide to take part you need to:

– Complete the consent form and submit your latest blood work through 

– sign up to Reveal My Food

– complete a food frequency questionnaire (20min)

– complete a Simulated order from the RMF ordering platform (10min)

The benefits

As a thank you for taking part and getting the most out of your participation every participant who completes the trial will receive:

Your in depth diet quality report, micro and macronutrients composition and areas to improve (based on data submitted)
Free access to the Reveal My Food online self-paced 7-week nutrition course (Priced at £250)
Behavioural change group session focused on cardiovascular diseases and gut health management (1h)

Reveal My Food

Reveal My Food (RMF) is a advanced personalised nutrition digital food ordering software!

Which means: we have combined the latest knowledge about personalised Nutrition with the efficiency of common food apps (think about Deliveroo, just eat and co) to deliver the first food ordering app that tailors the menu to YOU, your needs and your preferences!

We uses health profiling and enriched menu display to support your optimal health. 

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