Fuelwise Study

Online randomised control trial to evaluate the impact of Behavioural nudges in food decision

The Fuelwise study

Figuring out your dietary needs and sticking to them consistently can be tough. That’s why we’re conducting the FuelWise study. 


The FuelWise study is here to assess the opportunity of using Reveal My Food new assessment tool to track baseline quality of diet and than provide tailored menu options to chose from in order to frictionlessly achieve optimal diet.

We believe that everyone deserves access to the knowledge and tools needed to improve their dietary habits and overall health. As we embark on this mission to enhance the nutrition journey for all, we recognise the invaluable insights and experiences that each member of our community brings to the table. The purpose of this study is to understand the opportunities, challenges, preferences, and needs faced by individuals when it comes to ordering food from the workplace canteen using the Reveal My Food food ordering app. Your participation will play a pivotal role in shaping Reveal My Food resources, ensuring they are tailored to support and benefit every employee's unique needs. Everyone in the study will complete some questionnaires to find out about you, whether you are eligible to take part in the study, the quality of your diet and your levels of physical activity. You will then be able to order from the workplace canteen and you will receive a daily reminder to help you prioritise your mealtime. At the end of the trial, you will be required to complete a technology acceptability questionnaire which will help us to understand in depth your experience on the platform. In order to evaluate improvements in your diet we ask you to also share the results of your latest BUPA health check. The data alongside the assessment of your diet quality will be used to understand the impact of workplace canteen choices in helping you to achieve optimal health. The study is being run by the University of Southampton and Reveal My Food food ordering app, it has received ethics approval from the University of Southampton.

How it works

  1. Sign consent form 
  2. Follow the link from Reveal My Food in your confirmation email
  3. Create your Reveal My Food profile and answer some questions about you and your usual dietary intake.
  4. Submit your latest blood work  
  5. You can then use Reveal My Food on your computer or smartphone (if you have one).
  6. The website will then put you in a group by chance (the same as flipping a coin).


You will be assigned to:

  • the group using Reveal My Food with the dietary optimisation process. 


  • the group that will be using Reveal My Food with no dietary optimisation process. 

(regardless of the group you are allocated by taking part in the study you agree to purchase any meal from the workplace canteen through the Reveal My Food food ordering app)

For all groups:

  1. The study will last for 10 months during which you will be reminder daily to place your canteen order from Reveal My Food up 
  2. At the end of the study, you will be required to complete a brief questionnaire regarding how helpful has been your experience with Reveal My Food technology and what could be implemented in order to support you further in optimising your diet. 

In summary

If you do decide to take part you need to:

– Complete the consent form and submit your latest blood work through 

– sign up to Reveal My Food

– complete a food frequency questionnaire (20min)

– complete your weekly canteens orders from the RMF ordering platform (10min)

What happens if I change my mind?

You have the right to change your mind and withdraw at any time without giving a reason and without your participant rights being affected.  


If you do decide to take part but change your mind later, you are free to withdraw at any time by contacting the researcher. You do not need to give us a reason.  


If you decide to withdraw or cannot complete the study for some other reason any information you have given up to that point would still be used in the study results. 


If you withdraw from the study, we will keep the information about you that we have already obtained to achieve the objectives of the study only.

The Benefits

Understanding the quality of your diet as a whole and which changes might be beneficial can guide your journey towards a better diabetes management and health!
Yet, if that wasn't enougth, as a thank you for taking part and getting the most out of your participation every participant who completes the trial will receive:

Your in depth diet quality report, micro and macronutrients composition and areas to improve (based on data submitted)
Free access to the Reveal My Food online self-paced 7-week nutrition course (Priced at £250)
Behavioural change group session focused on diabetes management (1h)

Take part in the study

Consent Form FuelWise (#7)

Discover Reveal My Food

Reveal My Food

Reveal My Food (RMF) is a advanced personalised nutrition digital food ordering software!

Which means: we have combined the latest knowledge about personalised Nutrition with the efficiency of common food apps (think about Deliveroo, just eat and co) to deliver the first food ordering app that tailors the menu to YOU, your needs and your preferences!

We uses health profiling and enriched menu display to support your optimal health. 

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